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Tom  McMahan Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Economics CP (Semester 1) (Period:1) 45.0610037-1, Economics CP (Semester 1) (Period:2) 45.0610037-2, Economics CP (Semester 1) (Period:3) 45.0610037-3, Economics CP (Semester 1) (Period:4) 45.0610037-4, US History CP (Semester 1) (Period:1) 45.0810037-1, US History CP (Semester 1) (Period:2) 45.0810037-2, US History CP (Semester 1) (Period:3) 45.0810037-3, US History CP (Semester 1) (Period:4) 45.0810037-4


I received my Masters degree in History from Old Dominion University in 2000. I completed my teaching certification through the State University of West Georgia in 2003.


This is my 19th year of alternative education.


Born in 1966, I grew up on Sand Mountain in Dade County. I graduated from high school in 1984 at what was then Northwest Georgia High School (Dade County High). I joined the Navy and became a nuclear reactor operator onboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, serving during the Persian Gulf War. After completing my enlistment, I enrolled at Old Dominion University and completed my Masters Degree there in 2000. I then moved back to our area and began teaching at the Catoosa Crossroads Academy in 2001. I have been here ever since, staying on as our school changed its format and name to the Catoosa Performance Learning Center in 2004.